Corporate Towing Inc.

When you experience car trouble and need a tow truck to help get your car safely off the road, contact Call Corporate Towing Inc., in Chicago, Illinois. We provide convenient towing services for clients in Chicago and the northern and northwestern suburbs. 


Give us a call at (312) 479-4290 when you need on-time towing services. We will arrive to tow your car out of a ditch or pull it off the road.

Light Duty Vehicle Towing for:

• Vans (up to 8 Seats)
• Motorcycles
• Sports Cars • Pickup Trucks
• Automobiles
• SUVs • Luxury Cars
• Minivans

Medium-Duty Towing for:

• Chevrolet™ Vehicles
• Cargo Vans • Ford™ Trucks
• Shuttles • Passenger Vans • Cargo Trucks

Heavy-Duty Towing for:

• Heavy Construction Equipment
• Large, Heavy Trucks, & Vans
• Storage Containers  • Emergency Vehicles
 • Heavy Machinery
 • Scissor Lifts • Boom Trucks
• 18-Wheelers
• Motorhomes • Semitrucks
• Big Rigs
• RVs

Commercial Needs
Call Corporate Towing Inc. offers towing services for companies, construction firms, real estate developers, and other commercial clients. We can help you safely remove vehicles caught up in accidents or emergency situations or just remove vehicles in your parking lot.

Contact us to request our towing services and have your car transported to the nearest repair shop.

Towing Services for Emergency & Everyday Car Trouble


Our mission is to be here for our customers any time or any place where they need us in a reasonable amount of time.